Searching for my lost shaker of enjoyment

February 2023

Building the South's Most Walkable New Neighborhood

January 2023

I started to share this in an email to a few close friends when I realized it might be helpful to more widely than just a handful of people. In this…
Featuring both Smeagol and Gollum!

November 2022

A Note on Intercity vs. Intracity Transport
An Entrepreneurial Implementation of Georgism

October 2022

"In a tug of war, it's often surprising how far you can go if you tug the rope sideways"
Seeking Positive-Sum Games
The Transport Speed Paradox
Toolbox vs. Situational Learning

September 2022

The Personal Golden Age The other day a family member told me about the time he experienced a week of what he could only describe as a perfect…
Something I’ve noticed lately is an increasing number of people unable to take any action in their lives. I don’t mean they don’t do stuff, but that…