Excellent article. A forgotten urbanist called Doxiadis had a whole urban theory called “Ekistics”, one core aspect being the different types of scale one must cater to in the urban realm. He had a wonderful graph but can’t find it right now, will send dm once I do

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Nov 20, 2022Liked by Joel Anderson

Thank you Joel for these fresh thoughts. They seem that simple you don't onderstand they are not yet realized since a long time. It's good to promote the idea as a plan, and to go on thinking intelligent about the real problems. I really like the promotion of e-bike. In our regio the villages around Eindhoven are working on plans to realize bikeroads from the villages to the work places in Eindhoven as ASML and the other growing businesses of Eindhoven Airport. In Weebosch quite a lot of people already takes the bikeroad via Eersel to ASML. ASML promotes it too. They understand it's healthy for the workers, for their physical wellbeing as well as for their mental fitness.

Best wishes for you and Sophie..


Jos van den Putte

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You're prolific! Articles left and right!

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Nov 19, 2022Liked by Joel Anderson

Every time I ebike during rush hour, I pass ~100 cars on one particularly gnarly commuter road. Despite the emissions I'm inevitably breathing in, I'm convinced this is adding years to my life.

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